CPD-Accredited Introduction Into Financial Markets & Master Trader Package

CPD-Accredited Introduction Into Financial Markets & Master Trader Package

Stock Market
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Course Description

This online course bundle is aimed at new traders, looking to understand the core fundamentals of trading or experienced traders looking to brush up on the foundations of any trading strategy. You will gain a foundation for trading, starting with the stock exchange and the different types of asset class and markets (with a focus on the forex), and moving onto some major instruments and methods.

You will receive the Knightsbridge Certificate of Achievement upon successfully completing the course.

  • Understand what a stock exchange is and why companies sell shares
  • Master the main types of asset class that are traded, and some of their unique points
  • Master the 3 main types of market, and some securities sold on them
  • Comprehend what the forex is, and some basic points about currency trading
  • Understand what cash instruments and derivatives are, and also about different methods
  • Basics of the MT4
  • Market participants
  • Risk management
  • Trading with moving averages
  • Trading with MACD
  • Trading with stochastics
  • Trading price action
  • Trading price patterns
  • Economic news
  • Trading news events

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