IT and Project Management Course

IT and Project Management Course

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Course Description

These libraries contain courses that are fully accredited by their governing bodies which will provide you with the opportunity to gain certifications that are recognised around the world, which will undoubtedly assist you in furthering your career in the field of your choosing.

The courses are accompanied by additional learning materials such as practice exams and downloadable study materials, all of which you will have unlimited access to for 1 year. Students wishing to study either IT or Project Management will have their learning needs met by this course bundle, as it contains the libraries for both IT and Project Management and will provide the understanding required to attain a number of leading certifications in both fields.

The libraries are vast and provide you with the choice to complete as many of the courses as you want to in order to meet your learning objectives, with a filter option to isolate the specific subjects that you’re interested in. The IT course library is composed of courses from some of the most reputable providers of IT training; such as CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco, among others. The courses themselves cover a number of subjects, and can provide insight to both newcomers to the IT field and to experienced Technicians seeking to expand their knowledge. The Project Management course library covers 7 hugely popular project management methodologies which are often used in combination with each other, making this a very valuable library for Project Managers of all levels.

The courses in this library are from some of the most respected Project Management and Business Improvement providers today, including AXELOS, APMG and BCS. This bundle is a valuable resource for those wishing to pursue a career as either a Project Manager or IT Technician, as it covers many topics that are requirements for those roles – as well as those that are used in combination for roles such as IT Project Manager. These courses will be available to you with no restrictions on how or when you use them for the duration of 1 year, along with access to additional learning materials.

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